Company Highlights

Yapı Kredi Asset Management

Yapı Kredi Asset Management is one of the leading asset managers in Turkey, administering a wide range of products in various asset classes. With a solid track record in investment management, business performance and efficient CRM and sales management services, Yapı Kredi Asset Management aims to become the indispensable business partner of its clients, establishing a consistent foundation of long-term values.

Yapi Kredi Asset Management team manages portfolios on a collaborative basis, with a dedicated team composed of professionals and specialists in each asset class. Applying proprietary research and analysis gathered from global resources, benchmark awareness and risk management, the Company serves its clients within the guideline and objectives of each portfolio.

Managed assets, including mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds and discretionary portfolios, amounted to USD 3.7 billion as of 31 December 2018. 30 mutual funds and 25 pension funds constitute the wide range of investment management products further enhanced by best-of-breed discretionary portfolios currently under management.

Why Yapı Kredi Asset Management

  • Strength in Investment Management
  • Proven Internal Control Systems
  • Robust Technological Resources
  • Consistent and Solid Track Record in Performance
  • Well-established Client Management Services and Sales Support Functions
  • Advanced Product Management Expertise
  • Wide Product Range